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hi this is Joel with Joel’s Review welcome to my channel looking for a lavalier microphone that doesn’t kill your budget in this video we’re reviewing one of the best microphone under $20 dollars, so let’s get start it the Best lavalier microphone that you could get under $20 is the Boy ar BY — M1 this guy give you a lot of quality sound on your videos we have here the microphone which is up 2.5 grams this is the component module which is the power bank of microphone right here we have the battery if you need tore place it or install it the battery that use is the LR44 this right here is the camera mode and the smartphone mode, Cam ara mode and also off mode which also to a smartphone mode if you want to use it with your smartphone.

you just have to plug it in and it will work right the way you don’t have to do anything this module wait like about eighteen point five grams it’s a metal material nice, it has a clip here in order for you to grab it on your belt or your pants that’s really nice microphone make sure you also have enough cable here in order to all good to be your to your own clothes and also we have a long extension for you to reach the camera or your cell phone when giving it to your video when you’re going to record it’s ready if you see here two, let me take a closer look it has three different plugs this three sections mean that for smartphones sometimes a regular computer or laptop it won’t work unless the audio and the microphone are combining one so we have the long cable.

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which is a really long I think it’s like about 15–20 feet, here and the module from the module through your microphone I would say you have like forty inches three to three feet and a half something like that, alright guys so what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna test I’m gonna use this microphone that I’m recording right now I also gonna use my galaxy s 9 that I’m recording right now and we’re gonna test how the Sound goes the last one will be the Boy a lavalier microphone so that way you will see the difference on the quality sound and amazing sound that you get thru the Boy ar lavalier microphone alright so now I’m using my professional microphone so I want to eat, I want you to hear the difference between my mic mmm my mic from my Samsung galaxy.

that I’m recording right now and the lavalier microphone so if you see the difference right now once I do the changes you see how the lavalier works so let’s see how everything goes so now I’m using my microphone from my cell phone galaxy S9 that I am recording this video and as you can see the difference between my other mic and this one is really really different the mic from the cell phone pick up all the echo in my space and doesn’t sound eh, it sounds clear but with some sort of hight end and anyway the lavalier and see how it works lavalier in which if you see that the huge here the difference between the microphone from my samsung galaxy s 9 and this one this will be a bettersound that you get through the microphone even though that through the galaxy microphone it will pick all the echo and everything around the microphone unless you’re doing a review and you wanna you want to get a clear sound with your phone you gonna have to put your phone to at least like five inches six inches on your face straight up because that’s how it works so I hope you like the lavalier I will leave the link in the description of the video for the micro for the lavalier microphone remember.

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  • FlAT FREQUENCY AND HIGH SENSITIVITY: -32dB+/-3dB,15Hz~18KHz, flatter frequency makes a better recording of vocals and instruments. “OFF” is for smartphone mode, ON” is for DSLR camera mode, make sure use the right mode to match your device. It’s normal that a big noise might happen when plugging a microphone into a camera in auto volume mode, don’t worry, just decrease volume a bit and it will eliminate the noise. Please download and use OPEN CAMERA or PROMOVIE when recording video on ANDROID
  • COMPATIBLE WITH SMARTPHONE AND COMPUTER: The 3.5mm TRRS audio Jack of lapel microphone is compatible with computer, iPhone and android, what surprise is ONE MORE 6.5mm ADAPTER is included, ideal for those who use DSLR, camera, or other professional audio devices. Note: we do not promise this lavalier microphone is compatible with all kinds of devices, If you are not sure whether it works for your phone, please consult us for a second confirmation
  • MAONO PROVIDE 12-MONTH WARRANTY AND NICE YOUTUBE MICROPHONE, SEXY VOICE: Adjustable through Velcro. There must be a tremendous difference between speaking directly into the video when recording and utilizing the microphone. MORE ADVANCED CONFIGURATION and 236 inches LONG CORD helps to record LOUD and CRISP sound when interviewing, live broadcasting on Podcast, calling with Skype, Teaching, Audio/Video Recording on YouTube and so on. the best gift for friends
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT SMALL MICROPHONE: We go above and beyond when it comes to material selection. Mini metal clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar, tie or pocket. We use state of the art lightweight materials to insure you barely even notice the mic is there
  • INCLUDED: 1X Lavalier Microphone (236 in cable); 2x Button Batteries (one for backup); 1x Adapter(3.5mm-6.5mm); 1x Metal Clip; 1x Wind Muff; 1x Manual; 1x Bag

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