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Okay, today we’re going to talk about how to make money on Instagram, now before we dive into some of the tips and strategies, I have Blake with me, my social media director. My secret weapon when it comes to social media and also Instagram. He’s the one that helped me go from 50000 Instagram followers to now, 800000 plus Instagram followers. Now when first Blake came to me, I was actually very skeptical, right? Just a little bit. Just a little bit, I was like, well Instagram I don’t know, is it worth while, do I want to spend money and resources and time on it. Do people just look at pictures and actually people I think, I should go spending money on it, right? Right. Do actually people buy from Instagram so I was very, very skeptical. So at the time I had 50000 subscribers. So what happens, Blake came to me. So I came to you and then it was like I was getting sloppy seconds all of the time. Yeah, that’s right. (laughing) Whatever we get from YouTube or other photos we find in the annex, you know, go ahead and use those. No strategy, no love. No love, no love at all

.No love, no resources. Yeah. So basically, Blake said “okay, see Daniel I think we did something here. Yeah, I think you should pay attention to Instagram”. Like nah, I don’t want to, I don’t have time. He’s like “just give it a chance”, so Blake created a full blown marketing plan. Yeah. Like basically a proposal and I was looking through like hmm, I still don’t know about it and he was asking me different things like number of request and I was like nope. Nope. No I’m not gonna do this .I’m not gonna do that. He’s asking “I want these kind of photos”. No, I don’t give you a shit basically.

No, no money. It’s like scraps, no love, very little effort. No attention, I was like here you go, just do whatever you could, right. So Blake helped me to go from 50000 subscribers to then 100000 subscribers and then I was doing a little bit of marketing, right. A little bit of promotion on there and then suddenly we were seeing sales. Yeah. And I was like hmm may beI should pay attention and from there, we got a little bit more serious. We did. A little more serious. So let’s talk about how do people actually make money on Instagram like what’s some of the ways that they can do that? Well, first off there’s a lot of ways you can make money on Instagram. Yes. We’ll cover a few. One of them actually is the just selling your photos. Ah, yes. You know, there’s a lot of photographers on Instagram, they take amazing, beautiful photography and actually I think there was an Instagram account that the guy was just making photos and stuff like that, he sold his photos for like 15k. Yes, because Instagram is a perfect way to showcase your artistic ability. (mumbles) People like the photo, being like, yeah and even I see a lot of artists where they showcase their pieces, their art work or different things that yes, people can see that oh, this is great. Like, I want to buy one of these! Or even, cartoons, right? Yeah, cartoons. Yeah.

They make money from a few hundred dollars, like for a photo or to tens of thousands of dollars, absolute-very, very powerful. Even you have people who are, second way to make money is what? Selling your products or services? That’s right. (clicks fingers) You can sell your own stuff. You can sell your products and services. If you’ve watched Million Dollar Listings, Right. On New York, Fredrik, Ryan and they promote their real estate listing sand properties and properties that they’ reselling on Instagram. So you have real estate agents posting their photos selling multi-million dollar properties through Instagram. If you think about it, it’s mind blowing. It’s mind blowing. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it could be you are in a service business, you coach, you’re a consultant, you’re a thought leader, you’re a real estate agent, you are a speaker, you’re a mortgage broker, even you own a restaurant, right? Yeah. You own a gym, you can show before and after photos of your clients. So many different things you can do. Now to sell, the problem is with selling,

what is a good way to, so people see our photo, how would people take action? What do we do to get them to take the next step? Well there’s a lot of ways you can do it, if you’re still under neathy our first 10000 followers Yes. The best way that you can monetize your Instagram, there’s just like, number one just getting your message, getting your branding and everything set up and getting that out there. But the link in the bio is typically the number one thing that you off with is you do a post, you do as imple plug to if you want more photos like this Click on the link in the bio. If you want to come, exactly. If it’s a restaurant like you said, it’s a certain menu item, maybe it’s a coupon? Coupon. Click the link- Click the link in the bio, get the coupon coming on Wednesday and claim it, right? Yeah. Anything like that. Yes. So that’s the second way, promote your own products and services. Third way, which is amazing. This is actually surprising to me and I found out about this a little bit later on. When you have a lot of followers on Instagram, companies and entrepreneurs and different brands, they will actually pay you Uh-huh. To have you post a photo, a post on your Instagram account. Basically, it’s a sponsorship post, right? Exactly. How does that work? So yeah, if you buildup your account to even, I’ve seen people as few as a few thousand followers A few thousand. That’s it. It just takes a couple thousand followers and you’ll have people start reaching out to you that are with in your niche as long as you’re clear on what your niche is and what you’re going after. You’ll get products and people reaching out to you. Yeah and people offer you free stuff all the time, I’m not saying that you want free stuff and that’s why you do it but you do get people Yeah. Offering you a lot offer stuff, we turn down most of the free stuff

.But, yeah, people offer you free stuff. Right? Yeah, and then- So, how much can they get paid like propose what’s a good- Depends on the size of the account but it’s anywhere from 50 to500 dollars when you’re somewhere between 5000 and 50000 followers but then the bigger you get, the more commission you can make because the more eyeballs you’re putting that product in front of. Do you know Kardashian sand all that, how much they charge per post? (oof) A lot. I think over a million per post. Wow! And I know some Instagrammers charge like 15, 25k only. Yeah, oh yeah. per post. Well you don’ t need to do a lot of posts to do, you know, one post a week, you’re doing quite well. (laughing) Yeah. How hard is that, you just the person, or the client will give you the Right. photo, the copy, the messaging, everything, the product- (sarcastic) oh, it is so tough. (laughter) I got ta, I go tta hit, I got ta, I got ta hit this. I go tta. Whoa, 15k. Shit, this is good. This is amazing, boom. Last way. Another way to do it is through affiliate programs. That’s right.

Which is something we teach as well to you, that is to promote other people’s products and services and when you make a sale, you’ll get an affiliate commission. That’s right. It means that you don’t have to create a product, you don’t have to do the fulfillment, you don’t have to deal with the customer service. Handle the building ,anything like that. You just have a link, could be in the bio Yeah. People click, you talk about a product or maybe you take a picture, this is what I like to use and boom. There you go. There you go. So four simple ways to make money on Instagram, if you want to know more about Instagram and how Blake and I, we grew our Instagram account from really, 0 to now 800000 followers in record time. We went from 50000 subscribers to80000 subscribers in less than one year. If you want to know how to do that, we’re doing a special online event for Instagram secrets. I’ll put a link here if you want to join us, if you want to get a ticket and learn more about how Instagram works. It doesn’t matter what product or what services you want to promote, ory ou just want to gain more followers,

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